Dev Log 1/12/17 – Returning to Rogue Flight

Dev Log 1/12/17 – Returning to Rogue Flight

It has been a while since I have done a dev log. Holidays, travels and other work had put me in a state where I have not worked on much. But I am back now and with some good and not so good news.

Bad News

After the Github 2017 GameOff where I made Core with a friend of mine, I realized a bunch of things I was doing wrong in Rogue Flight. The things I learned in Core were neater and easier to maintain, Scriptable Objects, better upgrade system, better file management and a number of other items. And looking back into Rogue Flight’s code I realized it wasn’t great. So I restarted from scratch.

Good News

Its coming a long so much faster and better than before. I have created more in a month of development than what I was able to with the 3-4 months before the restart. Granted i already had most of the ideas, most of the core concepts and mechanics pathed out. And I managed to crack the biggest issue I was having. Save/Load states as scriptable objects don’t play well with those sort of things. And I use them everywhere that I can. I might write something up on it later. But we are just about where we were mechanics wise before the rework and things are working great.

The Future

So a TLDR is that Rogue Flight is back on our top priority list of things to work on. We want to be able to release some images and video over the next couple months and even a demo. We are also planning on attempting to enter some grant competitions to get some money to assist in art assets and music to speed up the process. And part of the submission process is a demo! So we are time locked into getting something out if we want to go down this path.

But this post is more of a we are not dead and we got side tracked with personal items during the holiday and we are getting back on track.