Dev Log  – 11/17/17

Dev Log – 11/17/17

This week has flown by! Super crazy week filled with Core development, ER visits and travel prep. So lets jump straight into it as we still have a lot to do before traveling today.

Non Development

On the non development front we have 2 things. First we are heading to PAX Unplugged to play some games. If you will be there do send our twitter or facebook a message especially if you are up to playing some games. We would love to meet people and get some games going during the con. I also can’t move as much as I want because I strained my foot and now hobble around. So games are good. And Secondly no development for us this weekend as we will be at PAX Unplugged! We are excited if you couldn’t tell. And a reminder do message us to hang out and play games if you are going.


As for development, we have made huge progress on Core! Only real work left is to finish up the text adventure and some bug fixes. Within the past week we have added some art, UI, music, sound effects, an intro, a tutorial, research upgrades and a lot more! It is really finally coming all together.

The even bigger news is that we released an alpha build to get community feedback on what we have so far. We would really love to hear from you guys and your thoughts and opinions on Core so far. Up to this point we have gotten a lot of feedback and would love to continue down that path. So check it out here

So yes a short dev log this week, but with a huge leap in progress the past week that we wanted to tell you guys about. As always, feel free to message us anywhere you can to ask questions, to talk, to say what you like or hate or whatever. And don’t forget we would love to see you guys at PAX and would love feedback on Core so far. Enjoy! Now back to getting ready to travel.

Dev Log  – 11/10/17

Dev Log – 11/10/17

This weeks dev log might be a little short as we have not worked on Rogue Flight all that much. But we have done a ton of work on our Github GameOff on game jam. Called The Core. So we can talk about that quite a bit. So lets jump straight into things.

Website updates

Not much to show here, we are working on changes as they appear and we are still writing some content.

Rogue Flight Development

Again not to much here as we have been concentrating on the Github GameOff but we have worked on the new player health/energy UI and added some feedback to when the player gets hit. Should be back on Rogue Flight by the end of November.

The Core Development

We have a ton to share about The core. But we first have to talk about the game jam’s theme. This years theme is throwback and it has a ton of definitions and ways of interpreting it. We took it as a throwback to old school Atari games with simple shapes as graphics, simple mechanics and neon colors. We also thought of text adventure games. So we put this all together to make a Missile Command inspire game mixed with resource management and a text adventure dungeon. I know, it sounds weird. But it has been a blast to build.

The Core as it stands is about a team of researchers and miners who have landed on the largest asteroid in an asteroid belt to check the viability of mining asteroids. But things start to go south soon after they land. They learn that they need to protect the asteroid from colliding with other object as it is slowly destroying the asteroid. Some auto turrets have been built and all seems like a solid plan as they continue to build their resources and supplies for an extended stay on their new home. But things turn for the worse as the miners find a labyrinth inside the asteroid, and upon finding it, it seems the danger of everything falling apart has grown, they even had some unwanted visitors. But the researchers and miners do what they do best, they keep exploring and learning about this seemingly harmless asteroid.

Players will defend their new home from oncoming dangers, they will need to keep their supplies up to survive via a resource gathering system. And most importantly learn about the depths of the asteroid via a text adventure. Will the  player learn of the asteroids secrets before the oncoming dangers destroy the asteroid.

So what does this game have? Check out our doc to see all the features , but see a very very very condensed list below

  • Turret Defense systems
  • Upgrade System
  • Resource Management
  • Full text adventure
  • Research System

We have a good chunk of it completed and are thinking of putting out an early build late next week, so stay tuned for that.

We also worked on some logo concepts below and we even received a concept from one of our twitter followers which is quite amazing – Beemes is the follower. Go follow her, she also streams so go check that out also.

Let us know which logo you like best!


That wraps up this weeks dev logo!

Do connect with us on our social media to receive the latest updates as well as to talk to us! Feel free to send us messages via the contact page or on facebook as well. We love to hear from everyone.

Dev Log – Rogue Flight – 11/3/17

Dev Log – Rogue Flight – 11/3/17

This is our first dev log as That Indie Studio and our first time talking about our current development. We have in the past week announced the title of our upcoming SHMUP Rogue Flight which we will release more info on as time goes on. But we have released some images and videos of what we have been working on development wise. In short we have been working on the map that the player will use on the journey. From visuals, to logic for showing where quests are and showing info about each sector. We have also finished prototyping out weapons, and how we plan to let the user build their weapon. How to handle multiple upgrades and effects on a single weapon. Outside of Rogue Flight we have been working on the website and getting everything situated with that as well as a game jam that just started.

Site Updates

The site is working for the most part, we are just implementing a bunch of styles as well as needing to create and populate a couple of more pages. So don’t mind the dust and all the changes you may see over the next couple weeks with the site.

Some info about Rogue Flight recent development 

The map system allows the player to view vital stats about each sector they are going into. It will show available quests, information about the sector, and how safe the sector is. All this will also be shown visually as well.

As for the weapons system, In Rogue Flight players will be able to kit out their ship in a number of area (shield, hull,weapons,skills) Within each section players will get to choose a specific type of item. An example would be players can choose between a blaster or lasers for weapons. And then the players can add upgrades to each system. For blasters you can add things like explosive rounds, high powered rounds, dual blasters and much more. Some customization options will include directions the player will shoot, the damage of the shot, how the round will act when it hits something, and additional properties given to the round such as electricity and fire.

We also worked on drawing out the flight UI and sharing that out. We even started implementing some of the ideas, but nothing concrete to show yet, but soon… Maybe.

Github GameOff Game jam

The last update we have is that we have joined this years Github GameOff on We are currently working on a retro missile command style game with some city management thrown in. More will be posted on this as we start prototyping things out more and hardening the concept.

Do connect with us on our social media to receive the latest updates as well as to talk to us! We love to hear from everyone.