The Last Hex – Devlog 2 – Updates galore
June 28, 2018

Oh man, its been a couple months since we started The Last Hex and I think we finally have something substantial to talk about and show. But first off lets talk about what The Last Hex actually is.

The Last Hex

The Last Hex is an RPG roguelike with a card based battle system. The players must save their land from being destroyed be the incoming lost. Players will travel through the land fighting monsters, dealing with events, capturing camps and powering up. Players will grow their deck of attack and defend cards as they journey. These cards are powered by the players stats, which can be increased by equipment and effects.


Players will start the game by selecting a class. Each class has their own starting stats, cards and starting gold. While each class may have their own stats that are better suited for a particular set of cards, players are not stuck into only using specific cards. With events, cards and equipment a player can spec into other cards to be more diverse or to boost up their strongest stat to do the most damage. Each run will be different depending on what you come across.


Once a class is selected a player will be droped on a randomly generated map that is themed with a certain biome (desert, swamp, snow and fields). Each map will have a random amount of cities and events scattered through out. The player can examine the map and view all the tiles. This decision was made because the event tiles have certain graphical differences from normal tiles to tell the player that there is an event here. This helps to plan out where you would like to go. The player will also see enemy camps as well as where the final boss is. We feel giving the player as much info is an important part of how we want the strategy part of the game to work.


Cities will let you heal your wounds, sell cards that you dont want, purchase equipment and purchase cards.

Some tiles will have events will can have huge impact on your run. It could be a way to get new equipment or gold, but it could also be a trap or a difficult enemy. How you handle the events are completely up to you and how lucky you are feeling.

Most of the hexes will be fights. Enemies increasing in difficulty as you travel further down the map.


Combat is a card game. Players have a deck of card that they will pull from and use. Each card costs energy to play and have various effects. Effects from damage and defend to status buffs and enemy debuffs and more. Players will face off against scaling enemies, camp bosses, event fights and The Lost. Each enemy having their own specific deck of 8 cards that the player will hopefully learn. Giving the monsters 8 cards gives the player the ability to guess and strategize against the monster. Does the monster have more defensive cards? Does it have more status cards? Does it have a super card? Knowing the monster cards will help in figuring out the best way to deal with the fight.

The Lost

The lost is what the player is fighting against. As the player explores the lost advances towards the player’s starting point, destroying anything in its path. Hexes will be converted to lost hexes and lose any events or cities that were on it. These lost hexes pose an issue to the player as they give no advantage if walked on. There will be a fight against an enemy but no gold is gained and not cards are gained. The longer you take to prepare yourself the more the lost will spread, but speed rush it and you may find yourself underpowered to deal with higher level enemies.

So that is The Last Hex in a quick overview, now onto some news.


We are looking to release The Last Hex towards the end of this year or start of 2019. We have some plans to attend some cons and some events. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on our social accounts to keep up to date on The Last Hex.


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