The Last Hex – Devlog 1- Introduction
June 11, 2018
The Last Hex – Devlog 3
August 3, 2018

It has been almost 3 weeks since our first devlog and a lot of things have happened. Design changes, content changes, getting a steam page ready and even some con news.

Design Changes

First round of changes revolve around character select. We wanted to add a little more life to the page, it seemed rather bland before and off theme as well as not very intuitive.  We decided to make this change so we can elaborate on the characters more and have it fit the settings.

The other big design change is the player/enemy card during fight. We tried to streamline the information and also added an area to show status effects from cards.

There have been some other design changes but these are the biggest.

Content Updates

This is a big one. We have added a bunch of new things.

  •  Changed default cards for classes to make them feel more specialized
  • 10+ new cards
  • New event
  • New monster
  • The ability to see all stat effects currently on player and enemy
  • Addition of seeing tile information before a fight starts
  • Towns now wont show duplicate equipment
  • We now show equipment slots that are full in town and events for quick reference
  • Tons of quality of life and bug fixes from alpha build feedback
  • A tutorial
  • And so much more but above are the highlights

Marketing, steam and cons

We have been working on figuring out what cons to go to. Along with this we need to figure out what marketing materials to create. We also figured this would be a good time to create a coming soon page on steam (currently still in the works) before our first con showing. This has been a great experience, makes it feel like everything is coming together and steam actually has quite a simple interface to get things started. Browsing through all the things we could we realized we need to make some achievements, but that will come a little later.

As far as marketing stuff we are looking to get a couple of things. Items such as a banner, posters, more business cards, and something special for people who beat the demo at cons.

As for upcoming cons. We will be at the ones listed below

Replay FX – Pittsburgh, PA – July 26-29

Queen City Conquest – Buffalo, NY –  September 7-9

Roc Gamefest – Rochester, NY – September 15

Retro Game con – Syracuse, NY – November 3-4

And possibly

Robercon – Binghamton, NY – September 29-30

So that is the latest updates for this dev log!


We are looking to release The Last Hex towards the end of this year or start of 2019. We have some plans to attend some cons and some events. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on our social accounts to keep up to date on The Last Hex.

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