The Last Hex – Devlog 4
December 7, 2018
The Last Hex at MAGFest
January 8, 2019

This week has a couple of interesting updates.

Alpha Testing

First lets talk about alpha testing The Last Hex. We are starting to look for alpha testers for The Last Hex and will start giving keys out in Mid January. If you are interested in alpha testing please fill out this form.

Upcoming Cons

Next thing is MAGFest is coming up and we are really gearing up for this convention to show off The Last Hex! We will have 4 stations for people to play at, we will have a TV playing some videos and art. Our stations will be running 24 hours a day! People will be able to play regardless of if any of our staff is there! And the other big things is that we will be doing a leaderboard challenge through out the con. Based off how fast the game someone clears the game. We will be giving out prizes including exclusive pins that we have made, copies of the game (codes) and more! Special prize for the person who comes in first.

The Last Hex development

Now onto game stuff.

We hit a huge milestone on Steam. We are now over 4k wishlists! Which has blown our minds and if you have not wishlisted it yet, go wishlist it. Here is a link.

This week in development we made some big changes to how we create the world map and how The Lost conquers the map. Cities and events will all now be before the 5th camp, meaning players will have more chances to obtain equipment and cards. Along with this changed we have increased the amount of gold enemies drop and increased the rarity drops across the board. So more money and finding rare things more frequent!

As for The Lost, he know takes 1 hex every turn and the movement pattern may be that he reaches towards the player’s starting city. But the biggest update with this change is that The Lost will be stronger than normal when he is finally reached.

Other changes include fixing bugs, making the map slightly larger, adding animations and just overall working on cleaning up many assets and creating a stable build for MAGFest.

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