Dev Log – Rogue Flight – 11/3/17

Dev Log – Rogue Flight – 11/3/17

This is our first dev log as That Indie Studio and our first time talking about our current development. We have in the past week announced the title of our upcoming SHMUP Rogue Flight which we will release more info on as time goes on. But we have released some images and videos of what we have been working on development wise. In short we have been working on the map that the player will use on the journey. From visuals, to logic for showing where quests are and showing info about each sector. We have also finished prototyping out weapons, and how we plan to let the user build their weapon. How to handle multiple upgrades and effects on a single weapon. Outside of Rogue Flight we have been working on the website and getting everything situated with that as well as a game jam that just started.

Site Updates

The site is working for the most part, we are just implementing a bunch of styles as well as needing to create and populate a couple of more pages. So don’t mind the dust and all the changes you may see over the next couple weeks with the site.

Some info about Rogue Flight recent development 

The map system allows the player to view vital stats about each sector they are going into. It will show available quests, information about the sector, and how safe the sector is. All this will also be shown visually as well.

As for the weapons system, In Rogue Flight players will be able to kit out their ship in a number of area (shield, hull,weapons,skills) Within each section players will get to choose a specific type of item. An example would be players can choose between a blaster or lasers for weapons. And then the players can add upgrades to each system. For blasters you can add things like explosive rounds, high powered rounds, dual blasters and much more. Some customization options will include directions the player will shoot, the damage of the shot, how the round will act when it hits something, and additional properties given to the round such as electricity and fire.

We also worked on drawing out the flight UI and sharing that out. We even started implementing some of the ideas, but nothing concrete to show yet, but soon… Maybe.

Github GameOff Game jam

The last update we have is that we have joined this years Github GameOff on We are currently working on a retro missile command style game with some city management thrown in. More will be posted on this as we start prototyping things out more and hardening the concept.

Do connect with us on our social media to receive the latest updates as well as to talk to us! We love to hear from everyone.